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Everything You Need to Know About Android TV Box

An Android TV box is a modern set-top box that connects with your home TV to stream movies, web series, TV shows, and games online. Android TV boxes are very popular these days among people who love to stream digital content and movies from OTT platforms and apps like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Sony Liv, HBO, YouTube, Fubo TV, Hulu, and many more. Android OS lets you access digital content online through apps and browsers. Using an Android TV box, you can search and find TV shows and movies online anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to surf the web or stream online videos straight to your TV, an Android set-top box is the answer.

Introduced a few years ago, Android TV boxes have evolved with time. Today, there are many options from different brands with a variety of features and technologies to stream the highest quality content on the web. Modern 4K IPTV boxes with Android compatibility are capable of streaming 4K content online as well as live TV channels out of the box.

An Android TV box can turn almost any TV into a smart TV for online streaming with a lot of features. You can record, store, pause, play, and rewind videos and live shows for play on-demand. Your 4K IPTV box with Android OS can become your extensive video library to stream your favorite shows and movies anytime you want.

How Does an Android TV Box work?

You can connect and set up your Android TV box with your TV and the internet via WiFi connection or wired Ethernet. Like Windows operating system or macOS on your laptop, Android is an operating system used in smartphones, tablets, and now in smart TVs or Android TV boxes. Since the Android OS is free and open-source software, it is much cheaper for IPTV box manufacturers to manufacture hardware running on Android. It keeps the OEM costs down making Android TV boxes a good low-cost media streaming device. Android TV boxes come with HDMI ports to connect with your TV for HD viewing capability. You can use remote control, mouse, or keyboard for input signals to manage your online viewing.

Once your TV is connected to the Internet using an Android TV Box, you are ready to install apps and surf the web. For example, you can install apps like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar from Google Play Store to stream videos, TV shows, and movies straight to your TV. You can also browse the internet using an in-built browser or any other browser that is compatible with your Android TV Box and television.

You can purchase an Android TV box of your choice from different manufacturers. But if you are looking for some quality and affordable options, media streaming devices and 4K IPTV boxes from Formuler are the best options for all your entertainment needs. Dreamlink Dlite + 5G 4K IPTV set-top box from Formuler is one of the best and affordable Android TV Boxes available in the market right now for an on-demand viewing experience. It comes with a host of features to make your TV and entertainment hub for everyone in your family.


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