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How to Share Formuler Device Folder with a PC?

How to Share Formuler Device Folder with a PC?

SAMBA (SMB) administration empowers to move and divide documents among Formuler and PC over the organization. What’s more, you can play media documents (video, sound, pictures) situated on organized PCs on your gadget.

Step By Step Instructions to Share Formuler Device Folder to a PC Basic Settings

It is better to ensure that the two gadgets are associated over a similar network and have wholly shared folders on a PC with file sharing and network discovery empowered. Likewise look at PC settings (Sharing settings, Access settings to organizer, SMB convention, and so on). Then scan more info on the web for your PC OS on the off chance that you have issues.

Attempt To Empower SMB Administration in Settings On Your Gadget

  • Z8/Zalpha: Home > Settings > SAMBA Service > Turn on SAMBA
  • Z7+/Z7+5G/Zx/Zx5G: Home > Settings > Android > Personal > Turn on SAMBA

Windows to Formuler

You should open a Network and sharing center. Then, at that point, click on your Formuler device name to figure out its local relevant IP address. The IP address should be visible from the Formuler device – network setting menu. Later you can open your Windows Run (Windows + R) and type following way of internal memory way: ‘\\ip.address.of.formuler\share’ (without single statements) and USB way: ‘\\ip.address.of.formuler\share\media_rw\sda1’ – without single statements.

Formuler to Windows

Type A

With the Network folder, you can auto setup on Formuler. Then, at that point, Go to Home > File Manager (Z8/Zalpha) or File Browser (other Z series) > LAN > Click all Networks. Later track down your PC (client’s organizer).

Type B

Try with Manual Connection to Network Folder

You can Go to Home > File Brower or File Manager > LAN. Then, at that point, Press the MENU on the remote and click on NEW.

You Must Fill Out The Following Connection Parameters:

Server: IP address of PC (record server)

Directory: the name of the shared organizer on the PC

Account: equivalent to the client name of the PC

Password: password for adeptly accessing the folder – Login data is placed assuming the folder is actually password secured. In the circumstance of password-less access, account and password choices ought to be vacant. At last Press OK.

The Most Effective Method to Set/Reset the SMB Login Password on Formuler Devices

First, you can set the password under “User relevant password for protection “in SMB Settings. On the off chance that you are requested a password while getting to your device from your PC, if it’s not too much trouble, follow these instructions:

You Can Try With the Guest Account with No Password

  • User: Admin/Password: (empty)

Reset Settings

  • Go with Z8/Zalpha: Reset samba settings in SMB Settings (Default PIN is 0000)
  • Try with Z7+/Z7+5G/Zx/Zx5G: To reset the secret phrase, it should be processing plant reset
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How to Cast Android or iOS device to the Formuler device?

Primarily you can start project content from tablets, workstations, or phones to your TV. You can track down one of the following choices

  • Ensure that your possessed device and Formuler device are associated with a similar Internet Network.
  • You can find formuler device name from (Settings > System/About > Device name)

Airscreen Application for Apple iOS and Android Gadgets

First, you can install the “Airscreen” application from the Google play store. So after that open the relevant application and begin to go to Menu. Later observe instructional exercises for your gadget from ‘Help’ and start the screen mirroring.

Significance of Airscreen Application

AirScreen is the most progressive remote streaming recipient for AirPlay, Cast, Miracast, and DLNA. It can permit your gadget to get screen reflecting, photographs, music, recordings, and different media from telephones, tablets, workstations, and more through Wi-Fi or Ethernet, allowing you to encounter the delight of sharing nearly anything with your loved ones on a greater screen.

Why You Need an Airscreen App

They have the best remote network. The AirScreen upholds the significant remote streaming conventions in general, including Airplay, Cast, Miracast, and DLNA. This generally implies you can undoubtedly receive nearly anything from your gadgets without utilizing a cable.

Airscreen App Is Adeptly Compatible With Several Operating Rich Platforms

AirScreen is viable with standard working frameworks including iOS 8 through 13, macOS 10.5 through 10.15, Android 5 through 10, and Windows 7 through 10. That implies you can encounter the delight of receiving nearly anything across various platforms.

Benefits of Utilizing Airscreen

AirScreen further develops your media seeing experience by utilizing Video Hardware Acceleration (Improve the exhibition of video playback up to 40% or more), upholds Ultra High-Definition goal (4K) for more clear pictures, and has Background Service Mode to allow you to chip away at different things while you get, allows you to customize with elements, for example, setting gadget names, and has considerably more qualities

Miracast Application for Supported Devices

You can open the “Miracast” application and afterward tap ‘Gadgets’ and check to assume your gadget is upheld. On the off chance that whenever upheld, you can follow instructional exercises for your gadget and begin the screen reflecting.

For What Reason to Utilize Miracast Application

Miracast Wifi Display application will assist you with projecting android gadget screen to TV screen by Wireless presentation gadgets like Smart TV or Wireless showcase connectors.

Key Features of Miracast Application

  • Numerous Devices Supported
  • Quick and simple to utilize
  • Quick association and simple to utilize
  • Play the portable games on your TV screen.
  • Project live video on the program.
  • Speed screen share.
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How to pair Bluetooth device to Formuler?

Formuler is a large company that deals with the production, distribution, and sale of devices like GTV. They provide their customers with high-quality products and make them available at a low price. Formuler has its operating system called “L-OS.” Nowadays, everyone owns a Formuler device. This is because Formuler devices have become quite famous in the past few years, especially with the pandemic when people were forced not to leave their homes. So people have one or the other Formuler device with them. But, with the increase in users, new questions and issues about the devices are being raised, and one of the most commonly asked questions is how to pair a Bluetooth device to Formuler. So in this article, we will be covering the solution to this question. So let us get into it right away!

Before pairing

There are some things that you need to keep in mind before you start pairing the devices; these are:

  • Make sure that no other device’s Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Wipe out every other device in your paired list.
  • And make sure that your Bluetooth device is compatible with your Formuler device.


Assuming you have a Formuler device with Bluetooth, here’s how to pair it with another Bluetooth device:

  • Make sure both devices are turned on and within range of each other.
  • On your Formuler device, go to Settings > Bluetooth.
  • The Bluetooth settings menu will show a list of available devices. Select the device you want to pair with.
  • A pairing request will appear on the screen of both devices. Confirm the pairing on both devices.
  • Once paired, the two devices will be connected, and you’ll be able to use them together.

The method mentioned above works for mostly all the devices of Formuler. And if you are still having trouble connecting your device to Formuler, try troubleshooting.


If your Bluetooth device isn’t connecting to your Formuler, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue. First, make sure that your Formuler and Bluetooth device is within range of each other. If they are, try restarting both the Formuler and the Bluetooth device. Next, try deleting the pairing between the two devices and then re-pairing them if that doesn’t work. Finally, contact Formuler support for further assistance if you’re still having trouble.

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2022 Formuler GTV March Update

Following the installation of the Formuler Remote app, we released a new security update for Formuler GTV – version 10.0.22. We thank you all for your patience.

Formuler has taken community input into account and introduced adjustments and enhancements that will improve your GTV experience. This version brings the Android security patch level up to November 2021, as well as improvements to MyTVOnline 2, SMB v2.1 and 3 compatibilities, terrestrial channel recording, and a slew of other tweaks and fixes.

OTA software updates are always free and may be downloaded directly from your smartphone using the Software Update app. We recommend that you install this update as soon as the software update message appears on your screen.

Release Notes:

Security update for FORMULER GTV
Firmware Version : 10.0.22

Software cannot be rolled back after installation.

Change Log

  • NEW: Update to Android security patch level November 2021
  • IMP: Network Storage > add client support for SMB 2.1 and SMB 3.0 protocols
  • FIX: NAS-related issues
  • FIX: Can’t press on-screen “Pair” button during bluetooth pairing
  • Bug fixes, optimizations, and performance enhancements

MYTVOnline 2 for GTV : 10.0.22
Software cannot be rolled back after installation.

  • NEW: Enable recording for DVB-T and ATSC channels
  • IMP: Improved external VOD player selection menu
  • FIX: Device slows down when using AFR
  • FIX: Recordings get cut off
  • FIX: Stuck on “Preparing VOD”
  • Bug fixes, optimizations, and performance enhancements

Open the Formuler Software Update app after the firmware update is completed to upgrade to MYTVOnline2 version 10.0.22 for GTV.

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How to Setup GTV with Harmony Hub

Harmony Hub transforms your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote control, allowing you to operate your home entertainment and smart home devices from anywhere. You can adjust the channel and level, programme favorites, control lighting, and other smart devices, and also create Activities, which are multi-device experiences.

Key Steps to Follow in Setting up GTV with Harmony Hub

Hold down the STB button for 3 seconds to change the BT remote’s mode to IR. The LED on the remote will glow red the first time you do it. Do it once more. It will turn orange the second time, indicating that it is in IR mode – see instructions here:

Choose Manufacturer: FORMULER, Model: Z8 in the Harmony Device configuration.

It won’t work right now, so move on to the next stage. Select Change Version from the device’s settings. It will inquire as to whether you have the remote. YES should be selected. Then, 3″ away from the Hub, hit the POWER TOGGLE button on the remote (use the Power Toggle button – Top Right). Once it takes the signal, the Harmony for the device is activated, and the Harmony remote is ready to use!

Add IR commands for the 2dot, 3dot, and 4dot buttons at the bottom of the BT-1 remote in the Harmony Device setup.

The Harmony Hub Setup Procedures in General

  • Use the micro USB cord to charge the Harmony Hub and connect the IR small blaster
  • On IOS or Android, download and open the Harmony app
  • Choose “Create New Hub” from the drop-down menu
  • Choose a WiFi network to connect the Hub to and enter with the WiFi password

Is It Feasible To Use The Harmony Remote Without A Hub?

The hub is required for controlling Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as the PlayStation 4. The hub and IR tiny blasters are used to control IR on the Harmony Companion and Harmony Smart Control, which do not have IR emitters.

Which Smart Devices Are Compatible With Harmony Hub?

Harmony Hub is compatible with popular entertainment devices like Apple TV, Roku, and Sonos, as well as game consoles including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. Create unique activities like Movie Night to turn on the TV, cable box, Netflix, and speakers all at the same time.

Is The Harmony Hub Compatible With Any Remote?

The hub is the heart of Harmony’s home entertainment control system, and it’s responsible for keeping all of your Harmony devices in sync. Harmony Hub accepts one of each type of remote: Pro, Pro 2400, Elite, 950, Ultimate, Ultimate Home, Touch, and Ultimate.

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How to Factory Reset Formuler Devices

Formuler devices have been the buss of the town for quite a long time now. Formuler devices have many versions, and with every version, these devices just get better and better. For example, a Formuler IPTV box will help you watch and stream movies and other entertainment programmes with the IPTV subscription. Moreover, Formuler devices are said to have elegant designs of their own. And the wireless version of Formuler devices is just a bliss to use.

You can turn your smartphone into a tablet and your tablet/smartphone into a tv remote controller within seconds if you have a Formuler device—the latest version of Formuler that was launched works in the best-updated smartphones without any flaw. Especially the factory reset methods of Formuler devices are very easy to do. And this is also one of the most asked questions about Formuler devices. So how do you do a factory reset in formluer devices? So let us get into it right away!

But before getting into factory reset, keep these things in mind:

  • The factory reset will erase every information of yours in the device.
  • The device will become brand new as it was before you started using it.
  • You will not be able to recover any lost data after the factory reset.
  • During the process, do not remove the power. If you cut the power in the middle of the process, the process will not be completely carried out and will have to start from the beginning again.
  • The default pin of your device should be 0000 unless you have changed the pin
  • If you have changed the pin and forgotten it, then you can check with your manual factory reset instructions.

How to do a factory reset in Formuler devices?

  • In GTV devices:

Home > Settings > Device Preferences > Reset

  • In Z10Pro Max and Z10 Pro:

Home > Settings > Device Preferences > Factory Reset

  • In Z8, Z Alpha and Z+Neo :

Home > Android Settings > Storage & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Enter pin > Factory Reset

  • In Z+, Zprime, Z7+, Z7+ 5G, Zx, Zx 5G:

Home > Settings (gear icon) > System > Factory Reset > Enter the pin > Factory Reset

  • In Z Nano Formuler devices:

Go to MYTVOnline Home > System > System > Factory Reset > Enter the pin > Factory Reset

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Technical Comparison Between Z8 Pro and GTV

Formuler devices have taken the world by storm in the past few years. As a result, they have been developing better versions of themselves. But with the increase in updated versions, the one question that arises most is the comparison between two Formuler devices. And one of the most frequently asked comparisons is Z8 Pro Vs. GTV. In this article, you will learn about the technical differences between these two. So let us dig deep into the matter right away.


The primary android TV box found in the catalog of Formuler devices is GTV. This TV box is high in demand because of its unique TV operating system. In addition, the GTV is updated to match the speed and features of the new smart TVs.

On GTV, you can stream movies on streaming applications, watch live TV and even DVR as your interest. The best part is that you can access anything using your voice on google assistant. The GTV box provided by Formuler is the best android TV box that can replace your android TV. That, too, is not with decreased features but with increased features.

GTV comes with the google certified android Tv 9.0 Bluetooth voice remote. As a result, GTV  is one of most fastest devices found in the Formuler catalog. This tv box also supports multiple audio formats, enabling you to play anything of your interest.

Z8 Pro

Z8 Pro is not any less of a device than GTV. Z8 Pro is one of the bestsellers on the Formuler site. When Formuler started building Z8 Pro, they had in mind utter perfection. And after they were ready to hit the market, Z8 Pro was what Formuler intended it to be, Perfect!

Z8 Pro consists of the latest and updated decoding technologies. At its core is WIDEVINE, one of the most popular Andriod OS. If you choose to buy Z8 Pro, it is guaranteed that this Formuler device will be with you for a long time. Some of the main features are:

  • Provides WIDEVINE LEVEL 1 support with MyTVOnline 2 Advanced IPTV client
  • Upgradable Android IPTV Platform of high quality
  • With Dual Antenna and Dual-Band Wi-Fi, it is highly sensitive
  • Features two gigabytes of DDR4 RAM and sixteen gigabytes of eMMC
  • Four-K with High Dynamic Range: 4K@60fps/HDR10
  • Records to USB, schedules recordings, and time-shifts recordings and time-shifting
  • Quad-core CPU with excellent performance
  • The device is equipped with a strong Bluetooth connection
  • Supports USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, IR receiver, SPDIF, TV-out, and LAN
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Some Hidden Functions of Z8 Remote Control

App/Screen Remote button Function/Action
Home Press and hold OK Rearranging App icons
Everywhere Press and hold Record Create screenshot
Everywhere Press and hold STB Popup with shutdown options
Everywhere Press and hold Resolution Revert the HDMI resolution to a safe mode
Everywhere Press and hold MENU Display the recent apps list
Select App > Press “Down arrow” to close/exit the App
Or press “Red” to close all Apps.
Everywhere Press and hold VFORMAT Picture Quality (PQ)Setting dialog
MOL2 VOD (press 2 seconds) Directly open TV Series section
MOL2 > Live INFO and Arrow left Show all channels in current group (transparent background)
MOL2 > Live INFO and Arrow right EPG Date selector
MOL2 > Live OK (press 2 seconds) Extended channel list with current program name and search/lock/favorite indicator (opaque background)
MOL2 > Live Press and hold BACK Displays the recent channel history
MOL2 > Live Press and hold EXIT MOL2 exit dialog
MOL2 > Live Red button Go directly to menu with channel specific audiotrack/subtitle options etc…
MOL2 > Live Green button Go directly to search (will search channel names)
MOL2 > Live Press and hold RED PiP Swap
MOL2 > Live (when already recording) Press Record Dialog to shorten or extend current recording time
Also if no program name is visible.
Sometimes need to go days/hours in the future.
Record or OK Create custom EPG recording for current channel
MOL2 > VOD INFO Display VOD details
MOL2 > VOD Press and hold OK Toggle favorites
MOL2 > Recordings > On a recording Press and hold OK Display “Delete recordings” dialog
Youtube Press and hold RESOLUTION Enable HDMI auto adaptation
Disney+ CH UP/DOWN Scroll up and down inside the app
Most touch-screen apps Mouse cursor > CH UP/DN Scroll up and down
Update (Firmware/MOL2) 0227 Display/hide beta software channel
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Technical Comparison Between Formuler Z10 SE and Z10 Pro

Formular specializes in developing, designing, producing, and supporting equipment for customer-premises digital broadcasts. As a result, they have the most amazing devices, each with its own unique features. By offering such a diverse range of products, end users can pick and choose content from satellite, IPTV, and over-the-top providers. But thus, picking and choosing need a comparison between the Formuler devices. So the following comparison is between the Formuler Z10 Pro and the Formuler Z10 SE.

Z10 Pro

This Android tablet is equipped with 2GB RAM and Android 10 operating system. In addition, there is 16GB of flash memory and dual-band wifi included. Furthermore, this device comes with a 100m Ethernet port and 4k resolution at 60 frames per second. The main features of Z10 Pro are:

  • The Mytvonline 2.0 emulator is integrated into it
  • Two gigabytes of DDR4 RAM
  • The internal storage capacity is expandable up to 16 GB
  • The ability to convert up to 4k HDR
  • There is a possibility to record via USB key, flash hard drive, or even cloud storage via NAS
  • Wireless 2.4GHz / 5GHz dual-band
  • There is one USB port
  • A Gigabit port is available
  • There is a Micro SD slot
  • A single IR1 remote control and a gigabit port with a 1000M distance
  • The Bluetooth 5.2 standard
  • A 4K (3840 x 2160) output resolution is included
  • A Realtek CPU is available
  • The graphics processing unit (GPU): ARM G31 MP2

Z10 SE

An affordable Android 10 IPTV Set Top Box, the Z10 SE is ideal for hobbyists and home users. Z+ Neo is a successor to the TV receiver. An improved processor and Android 10 OS have improved this phone with 2 GB RAM and DDR4 RAM. In addition, this receiver comes with an IPTV application, My TV Online 2, which gives you a stable and user-friendly way to watch IPTV. The main features of Z10 SE in comparison to Z10 Pro are:

  • 3840 x 2160 (3840 x 4K) – Output Resolution
  • It is a RealTek CPU
  • ARM G31 MP2 graphics processor
  • Two gigabytes of DDR2400 MHz RAM
  • 4GB of eMMC storage
  • Android 10 is the operating system
  • The wireless network uses the 2.4GHz band
  • 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet
  • AV1, H.265(HEVC), AVS, H.264(AVC,MVC), Real, MPEG1/2/4, VC-1, 4K video decoding at 60 frames per second
  • MPEG-1 Layers 1,2,3(2-CH), MPEG-2 Layer 1,2 decoder for HE-AAC V1/V2
  • Global Support Language
  • L1, L3 Widevine DRM
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Technical Comparison between Formuler Z Alpha and Z8

Formuler is of the veterans in the android TV box field. They have been in the play for quite a long time. And because of their long-term experiences, Formuler has some of the best Andriod TV boxes available. Each Formuler device has its unique features, and with many upcoming versions, we can say that Formuler will be in the run for quite a long time. With a high amount of varients, people ask for comparison to choosing the best Formuler device. So here, we will be comparing Formuler’s Z Alpha and Z8.

Z Alpha

A powerful multiprocessor in an economical package, the Formuler Z Alpha is a multiprocessor that provides high performance and reliability. As a result, MYTVOnline2 delivers the best wireless performance and the most cutting-edge technology. In addition, it features an easy-to-use TV-optimized Launcher and universal app compatibility, making it the ideal cord-cutting device. Some of the technical features of Z Alpha are:

  • The output resolution is 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • Quad-core Hisilicon 64-bit CPU
  • The GPU (graphics processing unit) is a multi-core, high-performance device
  • The RAM is 1GB DDR4
  • 8GB of eMMC storage
  • Android 7 is the operating system
  • Dual-Antenna 2.4G/5G Dual-Band Mobile Broadband Device
  • 100M Ethernet
  • Decoding technologies: 4K@60 frames per second),VP9, H.265 (HEVC), AVS, H.264(AVC, MVC), Real, MPEG1/2/4, VC-1
  • TS, MKV, FLV, MOV, AVI, RM, MP4 are available as video formats
  • MPEG-1 Layers 1, 2 , AAC-LC , HE-AAC Versions 1 & 2
  • Decoding of JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG images


With the Formular Z8 Android Box, you can watch streaming programming and subscribe to IPTV. Very visible lines give the design an elegant look on the top of the box. Z8 is considered one of the most elegant Formuler devices. Some of its features in comparison to Z Alpha are:

  • A quad-core processor with a clock speed of 2.0GHz
  • and 2GB of DDR4 memory
  • paired with 16GB of flash memory
  • Running on Android 8 Oreo
  • Supports hard drives, USB keys, and microSD cards
  • Both audio/video output is present
  • HDMI
  • Ports: USB 2.0 & 3.0
  • Gigabit, RJ45, and WiFi connectivity
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection is available in Z8
  • SDIF optical connectivity
  • weighs 570 grams
  • Pictures with a resolution of 4K
  • Video decoders: 4K at 60 frames per second, VP9, H.265 (HEVC), AVS, H.264 (AVC, MVC), Real, MPEG1/2/4, VC-
  • Formats for video: TS, MKV, FLV, MOV, AVI, RM, MP4
  • The following audio formats are available: MPEG-1 Layer 1,2, AAC-LC, HE-AAC V1 / V2
  • The decoder supports the following image types: JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG
  • Various languages
  • Internet Explorer
  • Watch YouTube
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