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Why should you choose Formuler CC over other media streamers?

If you are someone who loves to have fun by watching content on your television, instead of a smartphone or tablet, then you should consider buying an OTT media streamer. While many OTT media streamers are out there in the market from the Formuler brand alone, you might feel overwhelmed with what OTT device is the best for your entertainment needs and expectations. Of course, you can check out other Formuler products but Formuler CC is the ultimate choice that you can make. Why? Read this blog to learn all about Formuler CC.

What makes Formuler CC a preferred choice?

Formuler CC is an advanced OTA DVR and OTT 4K media streaming device which comes with a built-in over-the-air (terrestrial) tuner. It allows you to easily watch, pause, rewind, fast forward, and record live any video content, as well as local TV broadcasts from your over-the-air television antenna.

Nowadays, a huge number of people are showing interest in buying Formuler CC because it is up a notch from any of the previous models launched by Formuler. You will enjoy all the features that come with a Formuler Z8 Pro. In fact, the specs are almost the same and Formuler CC also works smoothly just like Z8Pro.

So, what makes these two devices different? The only difference between Formuler CC and Z8Pro is that the former has 100Mbit Ethernet Connection, and the latter has a 1GB Ethernet Connection. However, CC leaves Z8Pro behind in terms of built-in DVB-T2 Tuner (for EU and other countries) or ATSC Tuner (for NA, USA, Canada, and other countries).

The built-in tuner feature means that, now, you don’t have to search for and buy compatible external DVB2 Tuner or ATSC tuner. This tuner is highly sensitive, and therefore, works with all channels available in your area.

Like many other models of Formuler brand, Formuler CC also allows you to connect smartphone or tablet with the box so that you can entertain yourself and your family using any device.

Is there anything that I should know before buying Formuler CC?

Before buying a media streaming device, you should always check its specifications and then compare if it is reasonably priced. Formuler products are highly affordable.

If you are looking forward to watching local TV channels through Formuler CC or any other media streaming device, you need to have a good quality indoor or outdoor antenna with a signal multiplier.

We would recommend you to have a small outdoor antenna with a quality signal multiplier rather than an indoor antenna. An indoor antenna is also fine but it depends on your area and how far it is from a signal tower. Signal strength is an important factor to ensure a smooth viewing experience. Thus, you need to have an antenna with strong or at least medium signal strength. Without a good antenna, you won’t enjoy watching local channels with this or any box available in the market.

Formuler CC is a media streaming device that is worth your money. It offers an amazing viewing experience and all the features that you can’t get with any other media streaming device.

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Planning to Buy an OTT Media Streaming Device? Here is What You Need to Know.

Finally, you have decided to cut the cord and invest in one of the top media streamers for a seamless experience. Congratulations, because you are now a part of the fast-emerging OTT trend in the entertainment industry. However, as soon as you go online to order a media streaming device, you are likely to get confused with so many acronyms that seem to be everywhere. With little knowledge, you might not end up with the desired product. So, today, we are going to discuss a few most commonly used terms and things that you might want to learn before buying an OTT device.

Basic Terms You Must Know

  • OTA: It stands for Over-The-Air, and it refers to plain old television broadcast (ATSC 1.0).
  • OTT: It is an acronym for Over-The-Top. With an OTT device, you can watch programs from alternate providers, such as Netflix and Amazon, using broadband internet delivered by cable, satellite, or IPTV.
  • ATSC 3.0: It is the OTA response to OTT, but it works similar to satellite services. Therefore, you can say that it offers a hybrid service using broadband and mobile carriers.

Now, when you know the major difference between OTA and OTT devices, let’s check out what you should look for before making a purchase.

4K video support

When you desire to experience a theater-like setup in your living room, you should look for the best 4K HDR OTT streaming device. With a Gigabit internet connection, you can take home entertainment to the next level.

Audio Quality

When you are watching video content in the best quality, ordinary audio can ruin all the fun. So, you need a streaming device that supports not only MPEG-1 Layer 1 and 2 but also AAC-LC and HE-AAC V1/V2. This way, your video content will sound more realistic and you would be able to enjoy an immersive experience.

Content Available

Some streaming devices offer only a handful of compatible apps and a lot depends on the storage capacity of the device. You need a media streaming device that also offers you to watch TV channels along with OTT content without spending more.

For instance, Formuler CC is one of the best media streaming devices as it acts as an OTT 4K device and also an advanced OTA DVR. What’s more, it comes with a built-in over-the-air (OTA) tuner so that you can enjoy local TV broadcasts from your OTA TV antenna and also video content from diverse apps and channels. Apart from other widely available apps, it also offers the latest MYTVOnline 2 app for professional and refined viewing experience.

So, you can say that Formuler CC is the best media streaming device in the market. It is one step ahead even with Z8Pro. Therefore, if you are confused between both, you can easily decide now which model you can invest in. It will greatly help you save your monthly bills for entertainment as it offers something for everyone on different devices, including television, smartphone, and tablet.

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