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How to customize the launcher home screen?

Formuler has seen a great spike in users in gone by years, and with the increase in the consumer number Formuler has also evolved. As a result, they have changed and made new versions and devices in the past years. Formuler is still growing and evolving, but it can be said that they provide their customers with the best products possible. GTV, Z8, Z10 Pro, Z10, Z8 Pro, Z alpha, Z7+, etc., are some of the most famous devices sold by Formuler. And if we are to take the list of the devices manufactured by Formuler, we will have a long list to go through.

Different people use different devices of Formuler, but there is one question or issue that some of them have raised: “how to customize the launcher home screen?”. If you are among these people, read on to know more about the method to change the launcher home screen.

Steps to customize the launcher home screen

  • Go to the device’s Home > Launcher Settings to;
  • Organize app groups
  • App Groups > default A / default B > Enable > Select Apps
  • Lock apps
  • App Groups > Locker > Enter contemporary PIN > Enable > Select Apps
  • Change machine pin
  • Parental Settings > Enter contemporary PIN > Change the PIN
  • Hide/Unhide Quick Settings bar
  • Parental Settings > Enter cutting-edge PIN > Toggle ON or OFF “Show Quick Settings.”
  • Set startup app
  • Startup App > Enter present day PIN > Select the app which you choose to run routinely at the startup
  • Then select Change wallpaper

If you want to keep a different image as your wallpaper, then follow these steps:

  • Download the image that you want to set as the wallpaper.
  • Take a USB and make a file using this wallpaper
  • Turn your device on and plug your USB into it.
  • Once switched on, go to launcher settings and its sub-option advanced and open wallpaper.
  • Then select choose wallpaper, go to your external output, and select the file in which you have saved your chosen wallpaper in.
  • Select the wallpaper, and your launcher home screen wallpaper will be changed.

The PIN for your device should be the default pin 0000. In case you have changed the PIN, then put those in. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can contact the Formuler support team.

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Common Issues of MyTVOnline and their solutions

MyTVOnline is a worldwide used streaming platform that provides its users with unlimited streaming options and 4K quality videos. But there are some common issues MyTVOnline users face. And in this article, we will discuss those problems and their solutions so that the next time an issue comes up, you can fix it on your own.

I’m getting a black screen (blank screen) when I open MyTvOnline?

Getting a black screen is one of the most common problems faced by not only MyTVonline users but also by other android users too. Getting a black screen usually means when you open an app, there will be a completely black screen, and then the app will crash, stating it has an error.

  • In most cases this can be just a loading problem. You can fix this easily, go to the recently opened apps menu and close all the apps. And then open your black screen, showing on the app again. Hopefully, this will have to solve your problem. If it doesn’t, you can follow the next step.
  • Try to hard reboot your phone; you can do this by pressing the home and power buttons simultaneously. If you press them both for about 10 seconds, your phone will reboot, but don’t release the power button. After pressing the power button for 5 seconds, your phone will be switched back on.
  • If the above method doesn’t work, you try uninstalling the app and then again reinstalling it. Then most probably, your problem will be solved.

My MyTvOnline app won’t load or not working properly (loading error/server error/connection error).

  • The loading problem of MyTVOnline might be because the app’s server is down; there isn’t anything you can do to fix it. You can wait until the server is back up to use the device.
  • Check your network connection and whether the connection is fast and steady.
  • This problem may also be because of the app traffic so try after some time.

I have MyTvOnline app installation issues.

  • This might be due to poor network connection, so check your connectivity.
  • Check whether you have enough space on your android phone to download the app.
  • Make sure that the android system supports the app.

These are some of the most commonly faced problems of MyTVOnline users, but you can solve them in a jiffy by following these steps.

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How to install multiple APK files into the Formuler device at once

Formuler, one of the best android IPTV platforms, has provided its users with flawless streaming for years. As a result, formuler devices provide the best streaming experience. And with updated versions being released now and then, getting an extremely good experience is guaranteed. In addition, Formuler provides MTVOnline, the best streaming platform you can find on the market, that will provide you with another level of user interference. You can cast your screen to your tv effortlessly; wireless remote and mirror control are some of the main features of Formuler devices.

With features like these come problems, and one of the main problems is downloading multiple apk files to the device. But like it is said, every problem has a solution, and this one has it. So let us get into how you can solve the APK downloading problem of your device.

Tips on how to install all the apk files onto your Formuler device easily in one go:

  • Install the APK file(s) on your computer.
  • You will need to insert your USB drive into your PC and create the ” APKS ” folder. (The case is not important)
  • Place the APK file(s) in the folder by copying and pasting.
  • The USB drive should be plugged into the Formuler device and powered on.
  • Installing the APK will automatically open the installation window.
  • The next steps are choosing the apps you want to install and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Wait until all APK files have been installed.
  • If you want to return to the home screen, you can use your remote control’s ‘Back’ or ‘EXIT’ buttons.
  • Apps that have just been installed can be found by selecting MyApps from the list of installed apps.
  • Please ensure the folder name in your program is APKS, or else it will not be read.

Another important thing to remember is that these steps can be used for all Formuler devices except for Znano.

If you follow these steps accordingly, you will find yourself a pro downloading the necessary APKs in minutes, with a fast internet connection. But if your problem is still not found a solution, don’t worry; you can always contact the Formuler support center, where you will be given professional guidance on fixing the problem you are facing in just a matter of minutes.

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How to Fix the Code 7 Error from MyTVOnline2?

Code 7 error from MYTVOnline is one of the most common problems faced by users of Formuler. So how do you fix this code 7 error? First, let us get understand how to solve this problem.

  • Check another app such as YouTube on your device to see if your internet connection is working
  • Ensure that the uniform resource locator is correctly entered in the portal
  • Attempt to input portal uniform resource locator in any web browser to verify if the uniform resource locator you utilize is correct and accessible.
  • Ensure that you simply entered the correct MAC-ID that starts with 00:1A:… for your device service supplier if you are someone who uses the Stalker portal association.
  • The ID is shown on the bottom of the device on a sticker, or you can also find it on the screen where you have an input portal uniform resource locator.
  • Contact your service provider to confirm that your MAC-ID: 00:1A, your credentials: username/password, or your M3U playlist is valid and activated.
  • Make sure that you have a fast and steady network connection so that apps like youtube can play videos without buffering.
  • You can contact your service provider if there is any ban on your IP or if ts blocked.
  • Check whether your account is locked.
  • Go to the edit screen on the portal to make sure that no recent modifications have been made.
  • Then you can input your portal resource locator in any browser of your choice from your phone or laptop and get the portal resource locator verified.
  • If you do these steps correctly, then you will get a web page that is error-free and easily accessible.
  • If you get this web page opened on your phone or laptop, then it means that your error code has been fixed.

If your problem is not solved by this method, don’t worry; you can do it another way.

  • Go to your “SERVICES”
  • Then log out and log in again to your MYTVOnline account.
  • After logging in, go to administrations and then from adminsitrations to support subtleties in your account.
  • Then click on log-in data, and your consumer ID and details will be given there.
  • Then enter the secret ID and consumer ID, which will resolve your code 7 error
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How to Setup GTV Boxes?

GTV is one of the most commonly used android TV boxes, with Google Android TV official certification. But many people, after buying a GTV, many people get confused about how they can set it up. If you are one of those people, this article is for you. in this article, we will discuss the easy setup methods of GTV. So let us get started right away!

Steps to setup GTV boxes

  • Connect your Android TV to the GTV box and turn them both on.
  • Then the TV screen will ask you to press two buttons on your remote simultaneously. This process will sync your remote with your TV.
  • After that, you can sync your google account with your TV by saying, “Ok, Google, set up my account.” this command will automatically take you to the account setup page. There you will have to enter your email and password.
  • If your phone is iOS, you will not be able to set up your google account on the smart TV.
  • Complete your TV update right away because it is better than doing it after some time.
  • After installing necessary data while updating, give the command “Ok, Google, set up my device again.
  • After completing the second setup, you can download the apps of your choice.
  • Go to the home screen>device settings/device >preferences/security and allow installations of apps.
  • Setup your VPN to your home server, and reboot the system after setting the VPN.
  • Arrange your IPTV portals; all you have to do is go to the MyTVOnline, go to the connections and add your portal and URL address.
  • If your TV is connected to the wifi, you can do a test run to see whether all the IPTV portals are working.
  • On the home page, if you see a notification asking you to update your TV remote, click on the update option and do it.
  • Again on the Home page, go to the settings option, choose device preferences, and then you can change the date, time, day, display, Chromecast, HDMI sound storage, etc.
  • If you want to record a program or anything you are watching on the TV, you can do it by simply pressing the record button on your remote.

If you follow these easy steps, you will be able to set up your GTV flawlessly.

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How to Change Portal on Formuler Boxes

Individuals truly need to know how to adeptly set up IPTV on the Formuler box through MYTV Online application. We will enumerate to you the top way to bring IPTV channels to your popular MYTV Online on respective Formuler boxes.

It is specified that the Formuler is the most recent combination of an IPTV beneficiary and an Android media player. The Formuler is completely android based, so it can play the latest new adaptations of all suitable applications on your gadget.

Process of Instructions to properly Bring IPTV Channels to Your Formuler

This instructional guide can be utilized for all models of formuler boxes incorporates: FormulerZ1, Formuler Z7+ and Formuler Z8+

Step 1

Begin professionally downloading the MyTVOnline application from the relevant Google Play store and later on just open the MYTV Online.

Step 2

The first search for click on any kind of Edit Service and users later click “Edit” for any kind of edit purposes.

Be certain you register with your right ID Address and don’t utilize the MAC address. You can really take a look at significant hints for more data. If it’s not too much problem, note, that this macintosh address should be given to your IPTV supplier. Then you can add the ID as MAG and immensely utilize the MAG entryway.

Step 3

You can enter “Respective Service of Nickname” (Instance: IPTVHELPCENTER) and then actively click on the “OK button”.

Step 4

The user can enter IPTV Server URL (STB MAG Emulator/Portal URL) so that you get easily from your IPTV supplier and later snap-on “OK”. The users pragmatically request their portal URL from the respective IPTV service provider.

Step 5

You can straightway enter Username and Password if is it actually necessary and fundamental to you so that can possibly track down the relevant Username and respective Password in your m3u line.

Step 6

Click on “OK” and continue to the following stage. Actually, it takes a brief short period.

Step 7

In this stage, the process of connecting to the IPTV Server with your said enrolled information or details is in active progress now.

Step 8

Finally, you reach a successful Connection, and eventually, you get all channels related to your record.

Now for the users, everything is ready and one can begin watching Live TV.

What is the Portal URL?

Portal URL is what your service provider gives to people who actually subscribe to the service. Formuler can’t furnish you with any URL. Suppose if you have inquiries relating to the service provider, the users simply search on the web or consult their respective vender.

How Would I Track Down My Portal URL?

  • Associate or just connect with your Dynamics 365 example.
  • Actively explore to Portals – > Website Bindings.
  • Open the record and read the respective URL from “Site Name” field.

Final Say

Eventually there you have it. MyTV Online is an incredible expansion and goes extraordinary alongside observing every single engaging program.

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Which is the Best Dream Link Box?

As the name suggests, Internet Protocol Television IPTV services and quality devices professionally transmit televised content over the internet. This might comprise live streaming videos or on-demand content. You can come across two different IPTV boxes from the same popular organization called Dreamlink that seem fairly similar but certainly have some key distinctions.

Dreamlink T2 Important Features

When you consider Dreamlink T2 they are so slim smart and considered to be a lightweight device. They have a simple design but adeptly deliver high-quality images and good voice quality. The specifications comprise HDMI video audio cables, with a quad-core processor, strong 8GB built-in memory, 1GB DDR-4 RAM. Moreover, the T2 supports USB, HDMI, and WI-Fi connectivity and a micro SD card to extend your memory.

With the above-mentioned specs, memory, speed, and power, one can easily run Kodi on it. The more facility of USB and Micro SD card gives you the liberty to record your favorite content with time shift function. More importantly, the quality device uses artificial intelligence and pragmatically performs according to your habits.

They have many key features to offer you advanced technology according to your respective viewing habits. You can find all the familiar streaming apps. It is possible to watch previous shows and plays using the Catch-UP TV feature. By using this feature, one can easily fast forward, rewind, and stop the videos. They offer full control over the content and users can watch their favorite content according to their sheer convenience. The Dreamlink T2 has the best Electronic Program Guides compared to their competitor like MAG devices.

Dreamlink T2 Remote

The T2 remote is simply easy to use with a fast quick-time response. Moreover, the remote sensor actually receives signals from the remote quickly for benefit of users. The Dreamlink T1 remote is somewhat slow but the T2 remote offers fast response. They consume less battery as compared to some other remotes.

The interface of Dreamlink T2 is really fast with Android Nougat. They are so fast as compared to the older version T1. The fame device offers 4K ultra streams and you will get the best HDR picture quality. Altogether, they are the most economical box as compared to all other boxes in the market.

Final Thoughts

Eventually given a nice quality, value-added options, and excellent performance, Dreamlink T2 is regarded to be the best pick. They fulfill all the necessities of a high-end TV box.

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Technical Comparison of Formuler Z8 Pro vs Z8

Comparison of Formuler Z8 Pro vs Z8

Formuler is a familiar organization that pragmatically specializes in the core development, attractive design, production, and good support of advanced digital broadcast customer-premises equipment.  Their products permit end users to experience content from several sources including OTT, Satellite, and IPTV. Below is given comparison of Formuler Z8 Pro vs Z8

Difference between Formuler Z8 Pro vs Z8

Primarily there are 4 differences namely with ameliorated motherboard including WiFi reception, getting better remote control patented, Widevine L1 installation and appearance Gold-colored line instead of silver.

Key differences explained for Widevine L1 on the Z8 PRO

Widevine L1 certification offer support for official streaming apps on Full HD and 4K. Since apps such as Disney+, Netflix, Videoland& Amazon Video require this certification to run fully. Also, this valid certificate is a special addition for an IPTV receiver. They provide you with a full fusion between IPTV & Android. Moreover, Netflix TV apk requests have their own certification.

In addition, all apps in the app global market are already available on the Z8 PRO, so users can easily download them with the push of a button. You can simply download apps such as Twitch, Disney+, Videoland, Spotify, and Netflix link your account to stream in high quality.

Feature of Better remote control

It is enumerated that Z8 PRO has the GTV-IR remote control included. This quality remote control is ergonomic, more comfortable, and simpler to use. Moreover, the remote control is absolutely Google Assistant ready, with a built-in microphone. Thereby it permits you to say commands and operate apps with your voice. In addition, the remote control could also be purchased separately and wholly used on a normal Formuler Z8 or Z Alpha. Interestingly the remotes are both patented and also adeptly feature automatic updates.

Ameliorated Motherboard with more Powerful Wi-Fi module

It is elaborated that the Dual-Band Ram Wi-Fi module immensely built into the Z8 PRO is even better quality than the Z8. Thereby as a result, you could receive wirelessly more stable and kind of faster internet. Also, it goes nicely with an L1 certification to actively stream at higher wireless quality.

If you want to turn your Z8 into a Z8 PRO then with the advanced latest software update you are offered a Widevine L1 certificate. Thereby if you then actually purchase a GTV-IR remote control, you would have the same attractive look and experience feel as the Z8 PRO. But the only thing that cannot be replaced would be the excellent wireless WiFi module. In case you utilize your box wired, users could notice little difference. Altogether the Z8 is also out of production and it is better switched to the Z8 PRO.

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Comparison of Formuler GTV vs Z8 Pro

TheGTV is the primary Android TV Box in the Formulerportfolio that actually spikes in demand for the Android TV operating system. Moreover the TV Box wholly accompanies a high-level Bluetooth voice distance with all-inclusive TV control. Formuler GTV box is regarded to be most recent rendition of popular Android TV with special qualities.

It is not hard to play the LIVE TV, DVR, on-request, streaming applications, and more on GTV. One can simply likewise request that Google control it using your voice. The Formuler GTV box is the best Android TV variant and the easier method to get more from your popular TV.

More seen and experienced that the bonus with the GTV is that it professionallycomes with Google Certified Android TV 9.0, bluetooth voice remote. The global uses will be able to utilize many TV version apps not Netflix due to licensing. They have fast device and wholly supports many Digital audio formats. Moreover, it is found that the audio outputs detected to the soundbar as it’s connected too.

Formuler Z8 Pro is also an excellent device, our best selling product ever! It will cover your requirements for sure, comes down to the extra budget for the features the GTV offers.

The Formuler Z8 Pro 2021 box has been adeptly designed from the ground-up with maximum performance in mind. It has the latest decoding technologies, WIDEVINE (LEVEL1) and popular Android OS at its core, the Formuler Z8 Pro will offer global customers with many years of streaming media enjoyment through several apps comprising MYTVOnline2. Thereby with the popular Formuler Z8 Pro, you can enjoy multi-function PVR, record, and watch other interesting show the on-screen simultaneously.

Important Features of Formuler Z8 Pro 

  • Offers MyTVOnline 2 Advanced IPTV client with WIDEVINE LEVEL 1
  • Quality Android IPTV Platform upgradable
  • Has highly sensitive Dual-band WiFi with Dual Antenna
  • Includes RAM 2 Gb DDR 4/ 16 GB eMMC
  • Provides 4K/HDR: 4K@60fps/HDR 10
  • Offers USB Recording, Scheduled Recording and Time-shifting Recording &Timeshifting
  • Quality Quad-core CPU
  • Strongly built-in Bluetooth
  • Has USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 / IR Rec / SPDIF / TV OUT / LAN

Actually, people normally search while buying a Formuler is the absolute web connectivity feature. Moreover, the Ethernet and Wi-Fi similarity facilities are so ideal, and any additional data on the maximum download speeds are regularly something to be quality for to keep an eye out. Most people are still focused on getting the best features as they convey dominant remote associations.

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How to Fix the GTV Stuck at Logo Screen Issue on Some Vizio TVs?

It is known that Vizio TVs are regarded to be one of the most reliable and much affordable Smart TVs on the global market today. But when your Vizio TV becomes sometimes stuck, it develops a personal and family disappointment that must be immediately addressed. You can read on to learn about the most few common causes of your Vizio TV getting stuck sometimes and what to do about it to immediately resume your normal TV routine.

Your Vizio TV might be stuck on Logo hence of a problem in the EEPROM. If you take the matter of the EEPROM it is actually a short term for electrically erasable programmable read-only memory that is primarily a computer chip. So if it fails, then data between power cycles is not generally saved and the TV gets sometimes stuck on Logo and Frozen. Thereby you can easily reset your Vizio TV by resetting the feature of EEPROM.

You can reset the power cycle by actively unplugging the TV power source and just holding the power button on the Vizio TV for 30 seconds. Also, press and hold the TV’s power button to view if it gets unstuck. Suppose if the TV does not reset, better to continue your troubleshooting.

Primarily on the Vizio TV remote press the Menu button. Check for an F in the bottom part of the screen on the right which actually indicates a factory setup screen. You can press on the Menu button for several seconds and a Service menu would immensely appear that will permit you to begin the factory reset.

Altogether it shows the Vizio TV reset to factory settings option inside the admin and privacy menu. In case if none of this works, just open up the back of your Vizio TV and actively replace the EEPROM chip which could be found on the IC Board which would appear green and just hold a lot of circuitry.

There are many steps that will assist you to diagnose whether your issue is a problem with the TV or the concerned device broadcasting the picture. You can unplug the power cord from the outlet or the wall. Thereby hold the power button on the side of the TV down for 3-5 seconds. Then later plug the TV’s power cord back in, and power on the TV. It is also possible to verify the cord is securely connected to the video device and the TV. Thereby if a cord comes lose it might actually cause a display issue.

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