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Technical Comparison of Formuler Z8 Pro vs Z8

Comparison of Formuler Z8 Pro vs Z8

Formuler is a familiar organization that pragmatically specializes in the core development, attractive design, production, and good support of advanced digital broadcast customer-premises equipment.  Their products permit end users to experience content from several sources including OTT, Satellite, and IPTV. Below is given comparison of Formuler Z8 Pro vs Z8

Difference between Formuler Z8 Pro vs Z8

Primarily there are 4 differences namely with ameliorated motherboard including WiFi reception, getting better remote control patented, Widevine L1 installation and appearance Gold-colored line instead of silver.

Key differences explained for Widevine L1 on the Z8 PRO

Widevine L1 certification offer support for official streaming apps on Full HD and 4K. Since apps such as Disney+, Netflix, Videoland& Amazon Video require this certification to run fully. Also, this valid certificate is a special addition for an IPTV receiver. They provide you with a full fusion between IPTV & Android. Moreover, Netflix TV apk requests have their own certification.

In addition, all apps in the app global market are already available on the Z8 PRO, so users can easily download them with the push of a button. You can simply download apps such as Twitch, Disney+, Videoland, Spotify, and Netflix link your account to stream in high quality.

Feature of Better remote control

It is enumerated that Z8 PRO has the GTV-IR remote control included. This quality remote control is ergonomic, more comfortable, and simpler to use. Moreover, the remote control is absolutely Google Assistant ready, with a built-in microphone. Thereby it permits you to say commands and operate apps with your voice. In addition, the remote control could also be purchased separately and wholly used on a normal Formuler Z8 or Z Alpha. Interestingly the remotes are both patented and also adeptly feature automatic updates.

Ameliorated Motherboard with more Powerful Wi-Fi module

It is elaborated that the Dual-Band Ram Wi-Fi module immensely built into the Z8 PRO is even better quality than the Z8. Thereby as a result, you could receive wirelessly more stable and kind of faster internet. Also, it goes nicely with an L1 certification to actively stream at higher wireless quality.

If you want to turn your Z8 into a Z8 PRO then with the advanced latest software update you are offered a Widevine L1 certificate. Thereby if you then actually purchase a GTV-IR remote control, you would have the same attractive look and experience feel as the Z8 PRO. But the only thing that cannot be replaced would be the excellent wireless WiFi module. In case you utilize your box wired, users could notice little difference. Altogether the Z8 is also out of production and it is better switched to the Z8 PRO.


Comparison of Formuler GTV vs Z8 Pro


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