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Comparison of Formuler GTV vs Z8 Pro

TheGTV is the primary Android TV Box in the Formulerportfolio that actually spikes in demand for the Android TV operating system. Moreover the TV Box wholly accompanies a high-level Bluetooth voice distance with all-inclusive TV control. Formuler GTV box is regarded to be most recent rendition of popular Android TV with special qualities.

It is not hard to play the LIVE TV, DVR, on-request, streaming applications, and more on GTV. One can simply likewise request that Google control it using your voice. The Formuler GTV box is the best Android TV variant and the easier method to get more from your popular TV.

More seen and experienced that the bonus with the GTV is that it professionallycomes with Google Certified Android TV 9.0, bluetooth voice remote. The global uses will be able to utilize many TV version apps not Netflix due to licensing. They have fast device and wholly supports many Digital audio formats. Moreover, it is found that the audio outputs detected to the soundbar as it’s connected too.

Formuler Z8 Pro is also an excellent device, our best selling product ever! It will cover your requirements for sure, comes down to the extra budget for the features the GTV offers.

The Formuler Z8 Pro 2021 box has been adeptly designed from the ground-up with maximum performance in mind. It has the latest decoding technologies, WIDEVINE (LEVEL1) and popular Android OS at its core, the Formuler Z8 Pro will offer global customers with many years of streaming media enjoyment through several apps comprising MYTVOnline2. Thereby with the popular Formuler Z8 Pro, you can enjoy multi-function PVR, record, and watch other interesting show the on-screen simultaneously.

Important Features of Formuler Z8 Pro 

  • Offers MyTVOnline 2 Advanced IPTV client with WIDEVINE LEVEL 1
  • Quality Android IPTV Platform upgradable
  • Has highly sensitive Dual-band WiFi with Dual Antenna
  • Includes RAM 2 Gb DDR 4/ 16 GB eMMC
  • Provides 4K/HDR: 4K@60fps/HDR 10
  • Offers USB Recording, Scheduled Recording and Time-shifting Recording &Timeshifting
  • Quality Quad-core CPU
  • Strongly built-in Bluetooth
  • Has USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 / IR Rec / SPDIF / TV OUT / LAN

Actually, people normally search while buying a Formuler is the absolute web connectivity feature. Moreover, the Ethernet and Wi-Fi similarity facilities are so ideal, and any additional data on the maximum download speeds are regularly something to be quality for to keep an eye out. Most people are still focused on getting the best features as they convey dominant remote associations.


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Technical Comparison of Formuler Z8 Pro vs Z8

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